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Thread: Avoid the RIAA - Keep Freedom FREE

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    There is a pseudo-firewall called Peer Guardian. when you logon to your P2P based program, it retrives a new list of know RIAA informers and blocks downloads and uploads to them. Hope i gave some help. FREE MUSIC FOR ALL!!!
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    I think that this whole thing with the RIAA is just another Government stand over tactic

    They don't like this so they ban it.
    Then they decide that they don't like that, so they ban it.
    The next thing we know, it will be illegal to own a computer without a license.......

    Well this is what i am thinkin at the moment......

    Cheers 2 u all.

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    Since I started this forum I feel responsible to monitor its integrity.

    slick8790, thank you for the suggestion. I researched the program "Peer Guardian" by methlabs link. The program blocks a range of IP addresses that are suspected to be RIAA, MPAA, etc... This concept is good as I mentioned above except for the fact that the RIAA, MPAA etc... has access to the same list. Your program relies on currently known lists of IP addresses and user suggested IP addresses. The RIAA can and will simply rent a local account from an ISP and use that to scan for victims. If this is done, users will inevitably block IP address ranges and you will be slowly blocking big portions of the file sharing community. This pattern will continue for a bit of time until one blocks a major portion of the file sharing community.

    Also, many individuals think they're getting attacked when in reality is it some adware IP address built into the program. link This will also affect the integrity of the programs validity. What happens if the RIAA starts suggest the addition of the big file sharer's IP addresses, lol

    Anyways, In conclusion, another approach must be taken. I've suggested some above.

    PS: Kazaa-lite already has an IP address blocking utility built into it that offers the availability of updates as they're available. I don't think that this feature is extremely useful, but I would trust it before utilizing a third-party utility.


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    A list of songs that the RIAA sues for cant be obtained over here.

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    neta1o with the sites mentioned in your original post.. I would warn that besides popups that ppl playing with these site be aware of malware on these sites.. that is html/java/vb scripts in the pages.. some require the use of certain downloader "tools".. be bloody careful

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    RE: Proxies

    First off, the RIAA and **** do not give a damn about the artists, second as previously mentioned there are/will be sites that allow you to download songs for like $0.25 - $.99 per song which I believe is fair. As far as fighting RIAA, they lists that are compiled should be considered comprimised and useless upon release because RIAA has access to them as well. Proxies work well, another cool technology is like jump radio. The idea (mabye you all know this ) is that you constantly change frequency, or ports and/or IP's in this case when transfering the file so you never really recieve the whole file at once, also I believe it would be pretty hard to track, especially if used in conjunction with a proxy server. GL and Share well. The RIAA needs to be owned before it realizes that it is wrong and only hurting artists and the mustic industry for their own gain.

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    In regards to using a proxy I beleive anything outside of the U.S. should probably be fine. I can't see too many foreign ISP's turning over any information and violating their own customers privacy if they are not legally obligated to do so. It's bad for their business and they really could care less about laws in the U.S. especially if it will effect their own pcokets. In Taiwan, I can't even speak to somebody in English at my ISP, so I doubt that they would take any requests from the RIAA too seriously. Just my 2 cents on the subject.

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    I like what Nihil says.....

    Sounds like an emerging Darknet thread......

    Try a few of these devlopers for "secure" transfer of content. As many of you already know, the Darknet is just a distribution network that comes out of the placement of objects (content) that will provide wide "secure" "private" material.



    Direct Connect (DC)


    you can then avoid the prying ehes of the RIAA and ?

    Darknets brought to you by DarkCarniv0l
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