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Thread: gnoppix's first release

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    gnoppix's first release

    I know many people here like the knoppix distro (which is a live linux distro run completely from cd).

    It seems that some people don't really care for the KDE desktop and have created a gnome desktop version of knoppix. It is called gnoppix.

    Find out more information at http://www.gnoppix.org/

    The FAQ is http://www.gnoppix.org/faq.html

    Last but not least... the download... http://www.gnoppix.org/downloads.html

    I have not yet tried it... but I'm downloading it as I write this.

    Has anyone tried it yet? If not, after anyone tries it, lets post our opinions of it here.

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    I'll have to try that distro out. I wanted to see what Gnome was like before I settled on a permanent installation on the box I have under construction.

    I have currently been messing the Knoppix STD. I have a question, it isnt on google, and I didnt see it in the FAQ section of the CD.

    here goes. I have to edit the shorewall.conf to include a 1 instead of a 0 for it to start running. I can get to the file, but then when I go to edit it say using vi or emacs it will say that it is read only. What should I do? Does it have to do with the file permissions? Can I change it with chmod?

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    You can change your GUI with Knoppix-STD too. Unfortunatly for some Gnome isn't an option but you can use the best of the best and that's Fluxbox :-) The next distro of STD will probably not include KDE at all.

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