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Thread: Backweb?

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    Hey all,
    i have no idea if this is in the correct forum but i hope to not upset someone if it isnt....

    I was wondering what a aplaction called "backweb" is. If i hit crtl+alt+del then g oapplactions i have this thing called backweb running. I was wondering if this is just some sort of progrma that came with the OS or a backdoor......etc etc.

    Any help is appreaicated.


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    Is this a work PC? Beacuse if it is, Backweb allows you to access your companies network.

    First result on a Google search:

    Look here too:

    Edit: Looks like GrApHiCTrOn got there before me
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    Apperantly its adware follow this link for more information

    You coulda figured this out by doin a quick google

    A couple of people got there before me two slow comp
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    sniper0wolf0 told me it was Ghandi Thanks

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    thanx. yea it is a company PC but i was wondering coz i neva heard of it before. tanx guys

    i never thought of usign ggole tho......


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    What really gets me is backweb thinks it's just a way of doing business, being in your computer. It's like putting their own little trojan in. Hay Compaq or HP gives us a little $ and we will leave a little door open for you in everybodies computer. For most people it's no big deal, but the truth is your have a port open for business.


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