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Thread: Mail server

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    Mail server

    I want to start my own web server. if you know a good tutorial around it would be great if you could post it for me. Thanks


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    Do you want to start a web server, mail server or both? It's confusing - your thread says 'mail server' but your post says 'web server' - which one do you want? (it's an important difference, and I wouldn't recommend running any kind of server until you know what the differences are!).
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    What operating system do you run, or intend to run?
    Does your computer already have the necessary software
    to run a server, or will you have to obtain and install
    new software?

    If you have linux, all you need to do is learn how to configure
    software that came with the system.
    If you are running win98 or me, most likely you need to upgrade to
    NT, 2000, or XP if you are serious about running a server.

    Tell us more about your system, and what you want to do.
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    Sorry thats a typo i meant to say Mail Server. i Am going to be running it on Windows. I dont know what software i need. Thats why i wanted a tutorial to tell me what i need.

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    try one of the free ones like argosoft


    Freeware version of Server:

    Is completely transparent. Runs as a small icon on your system tray;
    Can be loaded with Windows startup;
    Supports unlimited number of accounts;
    Supports SMTP authentication. Useful to protect your server from unauthorized use;
    as we mentioned above, it is fully functional server: it relays the messages directly to Mail exchangers, bypassing your ISP.
    Has built-in web interface, which allows users to check mail using any popular web browser from anywhere in the World*.
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