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Thread: Net music firms, DJ, offer to pay girl's fine

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    Net music firms, DJ, offer to pay girl's fine

    This was really nice of them to do this for her

    Several Internet music services and a disc jockey have offered to reimburse a New York woman who paid $2,000 to settle charges that her 12-year-old daughter illegally copied music online.


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    if more of some kind of more big companys start doing things like this and help us fight the RIAA maybe we can bring them to the knees ..

    **** The RIAA

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    Although I have to agree that it is nice for them to be doing this. I have to be a little cynical and point out that they are most probably doing it for publicity.

    Internet music service and DJ will surely get more hits on the site and more people listening to his show bcos of this.

    I still dont condone what RIAA has done. I wish they would get sued by someone for something or lose out big time.

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    Publicity stunt or not i'm sure the young girls mother will approve the gesture, from what i've read her family is not exactly flush with cash.

    I normaly subscribe to the ethos of don't do the crime if you can't do the time but there are so many issues with p2p sharing etc, that i realy think the RIAA heavy handed dealings with this subject are abhorant.

    There is all this talk from the RIAA about piracy. I always thought piracy involved some making of money. I think that most people that use file sharing do so for there own personal use. Just as friends share there CDs with each other. In my view they should be going after the true pirates those people that are making money from downloaded music films etc.

    The RIAA are just taking the soft option going for the easy targets that don't no how to protect themselfs. That makes them bullies in my estimation.
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    When record companies start suing their customers something is wrong - David Bowie.

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    We need to start a thread for ideas of ridding the music industry of the middle man. Mabey a one month period where no one buys cd's? I know it's a little far fetched, but think of the damage that would do to profits, and the message it would send!
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