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Thread: Give me that good ole' CSS

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    Give me that good ole' CSS

    Anybody out there still use CSS on a regular basis? If so, what thing in particular do you like using it for?

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    I normally use CSS to style any web pages I make. It can reduce load time, improve accessability and you could probably create styles that aren't possible when you just use html. It's also very easy to edit the style of many web pages at once, since you'll only need to edit 1 stylesheet.

    So... I generally use CSS for doing what it's supposed to do: styling web pages. I'm not sure if you can do anything else with it though... lol


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    I use CSS on all my sites, including my personal site, where it controls not only the fonts, links etc., but also the actual layout (two columns - navigation and content).
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    CSS shold always be use... Alot better that the body tag and one change in your css page change all your website Very very good!
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    well am afraid am very old school when it comes to page layout - CSS I will use for formating text, links etc but actual layout am still a fan of the Table tag - call me old fashioned but thats what am used to


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