Hey Everyone,
If any of you are using Micro$oft XP or Windows 2K... You have probably heard about the DCOM exploit... Yes, sadly its true, microsofts "most secure software ever!" is vunerable... This was proven with the blaster worm... and blah, blah.. You know that already!
Anyways, I wanted to tell ya'all about a neat lil program I heard about, its called the "DCOMbobulator" Yes! That is its real name! It will disable DCOM on your system, thus preventing any attacks that utilize this error. The program is located at this site.... http://www.www.grc.com/dcom/ OH! And a question! Has anyone figured out why, dcom was part of windows in the first place???? Seriously! What is it used for??? (Legally I mean) Why would microsoft include that in their OS if it had the potential to reek this much havoc on the net??? I'm just curious...

Hope ya like the tool! Tell me if this post is useful