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Thread: REmoving MSNMESSENGER login ID

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    REmoving MSNMESSENGER login ID

    hi! i m using msn messenger version 6.0, but i m having a trouble that i don't know how to remove my sign in information from sign in screen. WIll anyone tell me how to overcome this prob. Hope for some good response.

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    well I had same problem myself and even playing with the "Privacy" settings still lets the LAST user logged in or tried to log in so here is a tip, after u loggeg out just do a bogus try to login, lets say user: blahblah@hotmail.com password: anything_goes_here. After the Worng pass/Wrong user warning, you'll have when u start messenger the user blahblah@hotmail.com

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    Go to start , then run then type this command line

    control userpasswords2

    Go to Advanced then Manage Passwords, then u should see your login`s blah@hotmail.com etc
    Just delete whichever one it is,
    So when u log into Messager next time,they will be no log in names,

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