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Thread: What would cause this?

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    What would cause this?

    Hello antionline.com members I have a highspeed DSL modem connected to my LINKSYS EtherFast 10/100 LAN CARD. I have CAT5 cable running from my DSL MODEM "that says LAN 10/100m," to my LAN CARD, Operating system(s) dual booted with Windows ME and REDHAT v.9. Now when I booted up my system this morning I double clicked on Internet Explorer (I'm running version 6.0) and it came back with the message Internet Explorer could not open the search page. First time I ever had any promblems with this. So I go to start, run, type in command which opens a DOS prompt I then typed in ipconfig it came back with IPCONFIGURATION Fatal ERROR!

    Now I fixed the promblem by unistalling the network card drivers, and then re-installing the drivers. Now I have internet access. The applications I was running before this happenend zonealarm 4.0 pro, Nortons AntiVirus 2003(updated), and WindowsProxyServer, Now my question is what could have caused this promblem? Defective hardware?

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    It probably wouldn't be a hardware error. Mabey a corrupt file messed with ipconfig.
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