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    Oh how I love elections -- NOT!


    Here in Toronto we're being hosted by not one but TWO (yes, TWO) elections. One is for our city mayor and the other is for our Provincial Government (MPPs and Premier). The Provincial campaign has some mudslinging and it got underway with earnest.

    What was interesting was a story that was released yesterday about the present governments campaign team calling the leading of the nearest rival an "evil reptilian kitten eater". Of course the local paper had to do "pictures" to show this. Now I ask you: doesn't that picture sorta have a sexual theme to it?? Or am I just imaging that the kitten is placed in the worst place possible??
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    mudslinging is one thing.. but some of these folks are SICK.

    I'm sorry but I had to chuckle a bit at this line.

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    doesn't that picture sorta have a sexual theme to it?? Or am I just imaging that the kitten is placed in the worst place possible??
    You hav a naughty imagination. It just looked like your average evil reptilian guy carrying a
    kitten in a sandwich to me. LOL
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    That pic gives "eating pu$$y" a bad name....I have been psychologically scarred for life....
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    I too hate the crap at election time but I enjoy being able to participate in elections. i couldn't imagine what life would be like in a country with a dictator.

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    If I had seen that picture without reading your post first, I don't think I would have thought there was anything sexual about it.....but I'm not known for noticing stuff, lol. I'm sure it's not just you, but I don't think *everybody* sees it that way.

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