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Thread: cracking help needed urgently

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    Arrow cracking help needed urgently

    hey, im new n tryin to vrack a program, anyone who wanna help please feel free. i got so many different programs n i dunno where to start cuz all the tutes lead to dead ends

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    This is a security site! Not crackers-r-us. remove this post or risk being banned. Read the faqs, and read them well.
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    All the tut's come to a dead end because you are a dead head.......

    Clearly you can read because you can almost write..... Did you waste your valuable time reading the first page you were presented with when you came here? Of course not.... You're too good for that.... Too good so that you ask stupid questions about how to break the law on a site dedicated to stopping ****wits like you from being able to do it...... The first part of cracking a system is using your intelligence..... You need to give up now..... you will never manage it..... 'cos you ain't got none, son......

    Go away and play with yourself..... It'll give you more gratification, (which is a big word for pleasure)......
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    I wonder if anyone could be so ill-advised? What do you mean by "vrack" a program.......OK I can figure that c is next to v on the keyboard. BUT you do not even say what the program is or its type (like what language it is in) and what do you mean by "crack"? just "get it to work" perhaps?

    Please try to be a bit more informative in your question, and avoid the use of emotive terms like "crack" "hack" and so on.

    People on this site are not that bad when it comes to helping on all sorts of things........and there are some very humorous characters who post here.............just don't upset them right off, please.


    EDIT: TigerShark........you type faster tham me!............saw you advice.........shouldI write a tut

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    err...maybe he was wondering how to decompile a program?? lol he posted it in programming security...but decompileing isnt the same thing as cracking...whatever....shoulda read the site faqs...they are there for a reason

    EDIT: Why do you need to learn how to crack so urgently?
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