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Thread: Boot problem.

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    Boot problem.

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this or not..

    I'm all of the sudden getting an error when I boot up that states:

    Remove disk or other media- press any key to restart.

    I've never had an error like this one, can you help me troubleshoot this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    maybeyou have a floppy in the drive or a bootable cd in the cd drive

    or maybe your floppy drive is damaged, you could try with another drive

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    Well, I reckon we have someone to make fun of today... me! This is not the stock case that my computer came with and the floppy tab does not stick out when a floppy is inserted, it requires a screw driver to get the floppies out. I failed to notice one inside. Stupid me.

    Sorry guys.

    Thankyou for the info GrApHiCTrOn.

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    you would be surprised how many people don't think to check to see if there is a floppy in the drive.
    That which is eternal cannot die.

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    hehehe nice one and if i occurs again but there is no floopy disk inside maybe some wire were disconnected inside hehehehehe LOL!1

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