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    Linux newbie posting!!!!

    I installed RH linux 9.0 about 3 months ago, everything was working fine unil i updaded the update packets, days after i did that i couldn't log on to the internet from linux so i was forced to use win xp once again.........if anyone can help.........pls.....i'll appreciated


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    "My thingy did stuff after I did something, help me".

    Ummm, maybe you could tell us what you updated, what you did before, durring, and after this happened? The firewall being misconfigured can also mess with your connection and not allow you online. And like a million other things couldv happened.

    Give more info.

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    never update anything. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    I would still be using DOS 5.0 if they hadn't made it obsolete
    whth all this "window" crap.

    Seriously, which packages did you update?
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    back again!!!!!!!!!!taiwl....

    If i was to tell you that knew witch packets i updated i would be lying.

    i don't know..i knew there were packets to be updated and i just updated every single one of hat newbie.......i know is funny but i did it....

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    Re: never

    Originally posted here by rcgreen
    never update anything. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    Bite your tongue! I totally disagree on that comment when it comes to computers. The only time not updating is okay in my book is if you keep alot of sensitive information and you want to test a patch/update before putting it on those systems of higher importance. Second of all a patch usually means something was broken and is not fixed. Just because it didn't affect you doesn't mean you shouldn't patch it. If a car company does a recall on something...just because I haven't been hit yet doesn't mean I'm not going to go get the recall done.

    Keep your systems patched and up to date.

    taiwl : Personally I never use up2date. I have three redhat systems here and I much prefer to manually patch things. I've never been fond of automatic updates on anything. I download the RPMs and install one by one (or in groups like openssl). That way if something starts messing up I know what the last thing I did on it.

    I check this website once every few days to see if anything new has come out. If it has and I use the product....I patch it. If it's a patch for a product you don't use...don't patch it....then delete it cause obviously you don't need it. Other than that keep all your software patched!


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    I have to agree with the n00b on this one. The, "ain't broke don't fix it." stance is the precise thing that attackers are hoping for. Why wouldn't you patch or update a system that has known vulnerabilities? Isn't this the thing that we all bitch about here? Nuff said.

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    Taiwl more info. Please.

    You said it worked for a few days after updating then all of a sudden you can not access the internet.

    Well, how do you access the internet ( phone modem, nic to cable modem, is there a router involved, firewalls, etc. )

    If you are using a nic, does it load? ( you should see it load at boot time, you know, all those green “OK” things )

    If on a LAN can you ping other machines on the LAN, or your router? How about your DNS server?

    What kind of info do you get running “netstat -r” and “netstat -i”

    Were you playing with firewall settings?

    So far I have had no problems with RH 9 updates.
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