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    Could use some guidance...

    One single question for everyone, and I'm open to suggestions which I would GREATLY appreciate.

    Which certification courses should I take?

    First of all, I'm a pc/network maintenance geek..worked for 5 yrs in that field then suddenly found myself in some bank working on a payroll system using the Oracle Applications (HRMS).

    I have the following choices:

    1- MCSE 2003

    2- Red Hat Administration

    3- Oracle DBA courses (courtesy of the job)

    or simply go for the: CompTIA Net+ Certification?

    Help me out here.

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    RH admin. certs is ok but once I got it installed and played around with it for a few hours there really was no point in me takeing classes for something that I was already exploreing by myself.

    I'd either go for MCSE or NET cert... but everytime I read the ga' damned thick books for them I usually forget half of what I read.

    But then agian thats just me... its your life, pal.

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    Only a personal view, but I think the Oracle DBA courses will be your best choice at this time. You will tend to learn stuff that will last longer as the Oracle DBMS evolves, as the basic architecture is less likely to change radically, than anything from MS.

    Oracle DBA is a marketable skill, The MS certification really is only a confirmation of existing knowledge. OK it may get you a job in front of someone who hasn't got it, but Oracle DBA is more of a qualification

    From guys I have worked with over here, the Oracle DBA would be seen as more of a career progression.

    Just my 0.02 worth

    Good Luck

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