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Thread: Zone Alarm vs PC chillin

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    Lightbulb Zone Alarm vs PC chillin

    I have Zone Alarm not ZA pro just the free version. I hear alot of talk about PC chillin.
    My question is which one do you like. i dont have PC chillin, and probably wont unless someone gives me a good enough reson too. Another question is how much better is ZA pro compared to the free version. I heard a few weeks ago that ZA free version had a few bugs in it. My third question, is Zone logger, - (takes those blocked intrusions and puts them in understandable ramble). worth buying. The free version has a annoying ass pop up that trys to install the sofware and then ask u to register. Takes 40 seconds to get rid of that.

    Last question : Does PC chillin ,which is a software firewall, have any log analyser that allows you to see source IP's. ( please use bullets to seperate each of your answers thanx)

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    Search on this topic and you will get a hell of a lot of results on firewall preference. Personally I like Sygate or Tiny Personal firewalls. Zone Alarm does not come recommended by me, I posted on its bugs a long, long time ago you might find the post but I would at least offer the opinion that ZA is not as good as Sygate or Tiny plus they are free so give them a try and see what you think it wont do any harm.

    It can be a question of personal choice though, if its a home computer you shouldnt have too many worries anyway and I am sure that ZA will do.

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