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Thread: IPs on AIM?

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    IPs on AIM?

    Is there any way to get someone's ip thru AIM?

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    Eh, I'm going to assume this is for an ethical purpose...

    Theoretically not off the bat... let me explain,

    when you connect to AIM you connect to thier server. Their server transmits your text-message to the recipiant. In other words your packets go from your CPU to the AIM server to 'who ever your talking to's CPU.' This is obvious for security reasons. However, if you direct connect to the user to send an image file, mp3, or whatever, thier IP address will become apparent.

    And they're several ways to get that, and I'll leave that one to you.

    Hopefully I got that down right...

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    come on dude! almost every question you've asked has been answered at least 10 times before. From asking about telnet commands...there are telnet tutorials in AOs tutorials forum...is cracking hacking. well over done. can you see whos pinging you with a firewall. the faqs tell you to search the forums before you ask redundant questions. Do it!
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