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Thread: ftp and routers

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    Unhappy ftp and routers

    ok i dont realy know about any of this, i have a problem with uploading my site via ftp on dreamweaver. However, i am behind a wireless router. I have activated the DMZ for my computer but it still doesnt work. Does this router have anything to do with my problem. Help appreciated.

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    Try a real ftp prog or use a dos ftp command tocheck if the port is open and its not a problem in the dreamweaver 's ftp client

    it easyer to use a real ftp program than dreamwaevaers client

    if its a problem whit your routr then tell us what config you have : type of router os etc...

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    Since you are initiating the connection from inside the network there should be no problem with the connection. The only problem I could forsee is if the ftp server responds back on a different port, (your router would drop it). With logging turned on on your router so you can see what actually happens try the upload again and then check the logs.
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