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Thread: U.S. Government Names New Cybersecurity Chief

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    U.S. Government Names New Cybersecurity Chief

    Symantec executive and Riptech co-founder Amit Yoran was announced today by President Bush as the new Cybersecurity Chief.

    In his new role he is charged with being "the government's evangelist for convincing Americans to improve their computer defenses against hackers, disgruntled employees, commercial rivals and foreign governments."

    Many criticize that the role is too far down on the totem pole to have any real power to do or change anything.

    See this SiliconValley.com article: White House Selects Cybersecurity Chief

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    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Ah but more importantly: did they check his creditials this time and make sure it's not a nice piece of wallpaper?
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    Who knows. but then again you know how flawed the gov't can be sometimes

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    Well it's about time the Gov't takes an interest in cyber-security. Notice:

    "The Administration has demonstrated, though its neglect of cyber security, that computer security is not a priority," Lieberman said in a statement. "This has been a mistake, but perhaps Mr. Yoran, with his impressive experience and background, will be able to begin to address these very important issues."
    But the question is WHICH area will he address? The downloading of music or better file sharing? Or will it be about real comupter secuity? Maybe we should invite Mr. Yoran to come on AO to give some of his insights as to cyberspace security. Let's hope he is for real and not some in the corporate packet type.


    Yoran said he hasn't yet talked with government ethics lawyers, but he said Symantec, a leading cybersecurity and antivirus vendor, wouldn't be given special treatment by the department.

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