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Thread: Security Scanning sites

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    Security Scanning sites

    Hey all, quick question...

    Does anyone know of good sites that offer remote screening of an individual's computer for commonly exploited ports, or let's you know if you're leaking information like a hose? I'm fairly confident I've got my firewall all up to date, but I'd like a 2nd opinion.

    I'm not new to the computer security topic, per se, but I sure am new here. Look forward to conversing regularly.



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    Click on [All Service Ports], it is a button in the middle, on the bottom of the page.

    GRC is a very good resource for quite a bit of miscellaneous information. Browse through the rest of the site while you are visiting there.

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    Symantec also has a section on their website to do this.
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    if worse comes to worse try and setup/get access to a nessus server, that scanner works wounders. It scans like hell and also gives you an idea of why its a hole, and howto fix it sort of. Althogh Im thinking that it just says something along the lines of "update your ssh server". Hope that helps some.
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    cool deal

    Thanks guys, I'll check those sites.

    Although the Symantec site keeps giving me their version of a 404 when I follow thier links to the test..


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