I got a call from one of my friends telling me that he's lost his laptop login password somehow. Now I didn't question how he "lost" his password, but I suppose it could happen to any of us once. He's usually not a "typical" user.

Anyway, I told him I could probably get in with a boot disk but he would have to send me the laptop. I live 700 miles away so he went online and found this site. It's interesting. He told me he created a boot CD from an iso image he downloaded and was able to reset his password.

Some security Microsoft. How scary is this? Anyway is could be a handy tool for us admin types. Our company has a standard password we use for an admin account, but for people that have their own administrator access and screw it up this is handy.


Woops - I just saw another post with the same site listed.

Sorry for the revelation of old info.