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Thread: IRC Scripting and Clients?

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    IRC Scripting and Clients?

    Sorry, I probley should have put this in my other post about good channels but I have a few questions.

    1. What is the best language to write scripts in for the IRC clients?
    (Python, Perl)
    2. What is the best IRC client to use?
    (X-Chat, BitchX,mIRC)
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    As for best IRC client, Id go with IRSSI


    Awesome client.

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    Well, first off, for the scripts, it all depends what client you use, and what you want to write. As for the best client to use, it is all up to personal taste, as well as what is out for your Operating System, some good ones

    X-Chat (My personal favorite) (Windows and Linux.)
    IRSSI (My favorite CLI IRC client) (Mainly Linux, though usable in Windows with cygwin.)
    MIRC (Alot of people on IRC.UnError.com use mIRC. (Windows, though usable in Linux with WinE)
    KvIRC (Linux)

    There are tons of IRC clients, you just need to find one that is right for you.
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    Thanks Micro, I use X-Chat right now, though I hvae used mIRC before I dont really like the look and I perfer X-Chat. I think Ill chekc out the IRSSI one. Thanks for the help!

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