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Thread: Kind of a weird one...

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    Kind of a weird one...

    This is not a security question, but it sure is a newbie question.
    I have never used or seen Lunix/Unix. I know alot of people use it and I have heard that it is good. I personally have no acuess to a Lunix OS. I have heard alot of things about what it is like, but I have never seen it. This might be wierd but, I was wondering if some of you wanted to take screenshots of your desktop and/or other things in Lunix that is different from Windows. Example: The explorer (My Documents) is probably different. If anyone would like to do this, thanks.


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    You can get a linux command emulator called Cygwin, http://www.cygwin.com. Its just command-line so theres no graphic part of it but it works fine if you want to get familiar with the commands. You can also find some Linux ISO from which you can dual boot windows and linux. If you want more help jsut ask.
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    I must warn you, without further specifics - you'll likely end up with more screenshots here then their server could probably hold...

    As, one of the biggest differances with Linux vs Windows is that with Linux you can pick what type of interface you want to use (Ascii or Gui) then if you pick Gui, you have many many choices of which Gui you want to use; Gnome, WinE, etc, etc... All of which are slightly differant from one another... Along with the fact, you actually have choices of multiple types of Linux (but thats close to same thing as differant flavors of Window; WinME, Win98, NT, 2000, etc)...

    Heck - with FreeBSD Linux one of the biggest problems I've had found so far with it, is making sure to decide what type of interface and setup I want, before I start the install - as once I'm going on it I get so many choices I get lost if I don't know what I want to end up with...


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    No-one of any import uses *nix any more...... It's a dinosaur in a modern world..... Bill Gates has taken over the world...... And if you are believing this I have some swampland in Florida you gotta buy.....

    Sorry I was no help but I had this desire to be frivilous.....


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    I presume you mean Linux and not lunix (http://lng.sourceforge.net/).

    Linux can be totally non-graphical if you wanted it to be, i.e. servers e.t.c or it can run a gui like (in the broadest possible way) windows.

    Linux supports many different types of graphical enviroments and each user has their own prefrence.

    One example is gnome :- Here is a link to gnome 2.4 screenshots http://www.gnome.org/start/2.4/screenshots.html

    Another example is kde :- Here's another link, this one to kde 3.1 screenshots http://kde.org/screenshots/kde310shots.php

    And here would be mine screen shot if i wanted to but it's just kde with a different background

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    TigerShark..................I will take all the swamp that you have, as long as you throw in "vi" as the word processing package Nice humour mate!


    EDIT: I am sorry to admit this, but I am in the process of writing "super VI"..............it will enforce a re-boot on every typo

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    Thank you everyone for the help, and extra thanks to Kontrol. Now I have a better understanding of what to expect if I ever decide to go to linux. For some reason, what I had I mind was a powerful, but total text OS. I guess that would be the ASCII way to go. But I always invisioned it to be kinda like DOS or the Command Promt on windows. Thanks.


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    For some reason, what I had I mind was a powerful, but total text OS. I guess that would be the ASCII way to go. But I always invisioned it to be kinda like DOS or the Command Promt on windows.
    It is, and it can and should be in some circumstances, but does not have to be. That is the beauty of it.

    If you are using it as a firewall box, ( IMHO ) you should never even install the GUI but use command line ( the shell ) exclusively: The more services you run, the more vulnerable the system. If you do not install the GUI, you do not have to worry about any exploits that may be discovered.

    If you are using it as a desktop or work station, the GUI is much more familiar and friendly to the user.

    Linux is a powerful OS, but it is also flexible.

    and Tiger Shark what’s with “ [/desire] “. I did not know there was an end to it!! ( still waiting to be able to afford that Harley )
    " And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be" --Miguel Cervantes

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    Greetings, good question by the way, I have been a IBM platform person for the longest time. (meaning windoze). Untill 2 years ago when I heard about a brave venture by errrrrrrr Apple. Please don't shoot me for this. As soon as OSX "Jaguar", was released I bought a G4 Powerbook! LOL

    The point of this post, Unix is an amazing OS........Thus the apple solution.

    I have, in the past become so used to being the geek that had a PC, and a Mac. and loved my Mac more!

    Unix is the future. Below is a link to the new Unix based OSX "Panther".

    Damn Cheezy names, but worth research.



    By the way I am typing this from a p3 450!!! lol.

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