OK, here is the real Catch-22 with M$ software and one that really hacks me off. Needless to say their OS needs patches for patches at times. Thing is by installing their OS I agreed to the End User License Agreement. But I've noticed every patch lately has a new EULA attached to it. So dah! I need the patch for security reasons and in order to install it I have to agree and install crap I do not want. Example I had to install their Media Player 9 in order to get their Java VM patch for the VerifierBug.class. I noticed during the install it access my cd burning software by a 3rd party. I hate their Media Player yet to plug a security risk I needed to install it. I for one am tired and jumping ship at home and at work (hehehehe I'm the head dude and set the course). If I need a patch I want the patch now now new altered EULA's and crap that is never going to be used, and also no invasion to other programs M$ wants to shove on me. A patch is and should be just a patch do not alter 3 party programs I say! Where is their Digital Rights Management going to take me? Will I not be able to copy purchased CD's for my car but have to store original CD's in a hostile enviroment and needless to say breakin's into the car because they are Originals..oops my car has Windows!!! Like them M$ is the same, at least my tires hold air! Wher is the FTC on this crap M$ pulls?