Hi Guys,

Seems the Boys from KazaA are moveing on to new turf.. Now they are playing with VOIP-P2P
This toy is very new, and is gaining acceptance fast . (released on the 29th August and download numbers more than doubling over the past week and online numbers doubling in the last 2 days)

It is touted as a "Firewall Friendly" application.. (not my firewall . thank God)..

Read their spiel here at.. www.skype.com

Now I don't know about other firewalls.. but I had to open up Outbound traffic on UDP 33033 to be able to connect to the node.. I also note that 55715 tcp and udp are listening or active..(hmm better check them rules..)

Now I am playing with this at this time to figure out wher my next set of customer problems will come from..

The Questions:

1: Anyone else playing with this toy, and have you discovered any Back traffic or other active ports?
2: Any thoughts of weaknesses that we may need to cover?
3: there dosen't appear to be Spyware..Yet..that I have found. or did I miss?
4: I suspect that some one could sniff the data stream with a modified version of the client.. and monitor the conversations.. thoughts?