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Thread: AOL Time Warner drops 'AOL' from name

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    AOL Time Warner drops 'AOL' from name

    Media conglomerate AOL Time Warner plans to drop "AOL" from its corporate name on Thursday, according to reports.

    Citing people close to the board, The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the corporation's board of directors is scheduled to approve the name change at a meeting in New York on Thursday. The name AOL Time Warner was adopted after the merger of America Online and Time Warner in 2001
    Source : http://rss.com.com/2100-1025_3-50778...feed&subj=news
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    AOL Time Warner shares have declined by two-thirds since the merger.
    That's reason enough for me for them to drop AOL from their name. I figure the merger was meant to help Time Warner but it looks like it just made things worst for them.

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