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Thread: SBC challenges RIAA's subpoenas

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    SBC challenges RIAA's subpoenas

    SBC Communications, the 2nd largest "Baby Bell" (regional phone operator, Verizon being the biggest "Baby Bell") in the U.S., has refused to hand out its subscribers' personal details to the RIAA

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    Am not a big fan of SBC but I must say way to go SBC. Protect your customers SBC.

    RIAA has quickly responded to SBC's statements pointing out to a recent SBC's print advertisement that said, in part: "Download all the music you like. And all the music you sort of, kind of, maybe even a little bit like. Go MP3 crazy. Try new music. Build a song library. Whatever."
    That must be increasing SBC users all over the world. Who wouldn't want to download MP3s without the hassel of looking over their shoulder.

    That's kind of interesting the SBC would do something like that. It's all about the money and who's got the power.

    Way to go SBC.

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