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    Open Source

    Our Team is looking for Network Security experts to help in the design of a network prevention suite of software for the Opensource Community ( Note: It is not an IDS). If you are able to help the please email the team at Freshjada@hotmail

    Thought we have extensive knowledge of programming we need someone with a good deal of Network security to help us in the design and analysis stage.


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    Sounds interesting and fun... But doubt a 16 year old can help you out lol , no car.
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    Any Help would be appreciated , Do you have a yahoo,hotmail,Aol IM so we can chat or Private message me.


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    Re: Open Source

    Originally posted here by esi1
    Our Team is looking for Network Security experts to help in the design of a network prevention suite of software for the Opensource Community

    There already is a network prevention suite..


    if you type

    ifconfig eth0 down

    that will prevent network device 1 (eth0) from being used
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    Question Maybe?

    I might be interested in your project, I'll need more details though. You can reach me at opnsrc910@yahoo.com if you want to discuss further.

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    We are looking at rather than creating something that alerts you to attacks as they are hapenning (IDS based realtime just isn't fast enough nor practical in most situations)

    We aim to create a product that will instantly inform network operators and the security team of violations and where to take action. Thus the customer team ( the people using the software)responsible has the ability to fix problems at the time of detection, which in most cases, will be before vulnerabilities or misconfigurations are exploited.

    Our software will ensure policies intergrate business requirements with network implementation.

    ----Security related attacks --- (source Gartner Group)

    65% of exploited vunerabilities are Misconfigurations

    25% exploit batch that is openly available

    8% exploit recently issued patch

    2% exploit new vunerability

    " of these systems that were attacked Security technologies were widely deployed within the responding organizations, with 89% having firewalls, 60% intrusion detection, 82% some sort of access control and 42% digital identities."

    We are not saying IDS,Firewalls etc are out of the window what we are saying is a better set technologies if needed.

    If anyone has any experience in Network Security or programming and would like to join our team then please contact me at freshjada@hotmail

    Creating this isn't going to be easy but then again anything worth doing isn't easy.

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