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Thread: New db testing for ao.....

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    New db testing for ao.....

    Hey all,

    We have gotten a new db server, and we are starting to test it... If you haven't noticed things seem a little faster. If any one notices anything that the new db breaks reply here.....


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    Deleting Threads seems to finally work! Yowsa!

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    ummmm LordB any reason why your post count reads 320 and yet on your profile only 11 posts are listed out of last 20 suggesting you have made only 11 public posts?

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    now if you post multiple times in same thread it will still only appear once on the profile page but this would be mean you posted on average a lil under 27.5 times per thread when in actual fact the MAX number of posts you have made in any public thread is 4

    So either theres something screwy going on with your DBase or you need to ensure that msgs posted in priv forum do not affect public post count


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    since everyone else is posting off topic..


    the thing about being an admin is... you can play god when it's your place..
    when I was an admin on a snitz forum.. i set my post count to negative 158000 and worked my way back to zero.

    the delete thread works ? MsMitttens.. where did you put that thread of mine.. can you put it back ? i wanna test it.. hehehe

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    Deleting threads no longer a pain in the ass! Yoohoo!

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