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    Jubei, here's a link that might be a good future reference to use if you're looking for anti-trojan related software/freeware. While it doesn't contain every piece of program written, it does have a nice breakdown of Anti-Trojan software in a section at the bottom of the page.
    It also includes a Free Tools, Anti-Trojan comparison and some other stuff. Check it out ,let me know what you think.

    Also, I used the Cleaner and it worked very well but I recently downloaded a program called SwatIt (a freeware trojan scanner) and it's fairly decent in my opinion. You can find it at the link below.

    Lastly, Swampy_finger, You seem to have an incredible talent for making an ass out of yourself. I generally don't hesitate in handing out negative AP's to someone with a nasty attitude, but in your case, I found myself wondering "nobody can possibly be that idiotic and sober at the same time". In any event, I hope you are drunk, at least you'll have an explanation for that pile of **** you call a reply.
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    use www.blackcode.com then use there security scanner to tell to all the trojans on your comp, then the long way to remove them would be to go to google and search for the removal of each one,

    or like some of the others said, use a automated trojan removal program


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    Another thing you can do Jubei_Yagyu_14 once you have removed the trojans with the program in the link that valhallen gave you is take a trip over to http://www.blackviper.com/ and familiarize yourself with the services over there. Then proceed to shut down any of the services you don't need; this will shut down your vulernable ports, because each service is tied to a port.

    Good Luck Jubei
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    I do agree though Jubei_Yagyu_14 blackviper has a great site over there. Worth a look.


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    New question guys!
    I handled the trojan problem to the point where my firewall is telling me something about smtps or smpts...or something like that. What I want to know is what is an smtp and what does it have to do with trojans? (by the way my firewall copied one of the trojans so if you guys have any suggestions as to what I should do with it I would be glad to know.) Once again guys sorry I'm such a newb, but that's why I'm here.

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    smtp .. simple mail transfer protocol..

    Would be handy if you could post the exact message you are recieving.. But it seems that what ever the bug is you have is trying to send some mail out..

    Have you followed the other advice regarding the removal of the trojan? What was the result? Please let us know..

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    actually i have done everything and according to my firewall and the scans that i downloaded (thx a lot you guys!) im trojan free. I still want to know what the deal is with simple mail transfer protocols, though, they sound interesting. If you guys know any place I can find stuff about them I would appreciate it. Oh, yea, I already tried google and didnt come up with much. Once again thx you guys I really appreciate it.

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    Swampy_ finger..
    As for your McFly swipe at White_Eskimo ..dont be such a childish Fuctard.. Growup Unless YOU expect US to treat you the same when WE think YOU are not exactly right,, Challenge others comments yes but be a rude little fart about it,,no..

    Lets take this over to cosmos because I think undertaker has somthing to say .....so it will be off the record It will be labled as WANKER disputes "cheers"
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    Re: Help with Trojans!!!

    Originally posted here by Jubei_Yagyu_14
    For the love of God someone please tell me what is up with me having trojans all over my comp! My firewalls been goin' crazy and it tells me that i have trojans on drives i dont even have! Worst of all I know practically nothing about TCP/IP or trojans. So if any of you pros out there happen to be reading this I beg you PLEASE HELP ME!
    I usually keep the trojans in the medicine cabnit!!

    i agree with whoever said to check out blackvipers site it is very informative.

    you have plenty of suggestions to keep you busy.

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    Dump the trojans and try another brand.

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