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    nice tutorial site

    mostly about networking and it may not have the coverage of helmig's place (www.helmig.com) but you'll find some other pretty good stuff there too.


    currently listing :

    Troubleshooting Windows ME Networks
    A great networking troubleshooting guilde contributed by Carey Holzman. This article focuses on Windows ME but Win98/SE folks will also find it applies

    NetMeeting / h.323 through a broadband router
    NetMeeting works only through a few select broadband routers. If you want to use NetMeeting, read about it here

    Windows XP network 'software bridge'
    Bridge two or more networks together with Windows XP. You might not need to buy that wireless access point or HomePNA bridge! Connect any kind of networks together with just a few clicks.

    Home Networking with TCP/IP Tutorial (With XP Info too!)
    Is your 'internet sharing' already configured? Read this to find out how to share files between your Windows computers using only TCP/IP. 98/2000/xp covered

    Updated Internet Sharing Guide
    The guide to sharing and internet connection has been revamped. It now covers fixed wireless and fiber along with cable and dsl

    Convert from DHCP to STATIC IP address'
    Converting your lan to static IP's is necessary if you want to run servers through your router. Here is a an easy HOWTO.

    VPN Router Tutorial - VPN Client to Router
    First in a series of VPN Tutorials. Connect SSH Sentinel, a free IPSec Client, to your home network's VPN Broadband Router across the Internet.

    Protect your kids on the Internet
    First part in a three part article explaining how parents can control and censor the content displayed to their children. Hardware and software solutions will be covered

    Find Local Networking Help - Installer Database
    A database of Home Network Installers in your local area. If you are having troubles installing your network, why not hire someone else to do it!

    Secure your home network with antivirus software
    Virus' are becoming network aware and that's dangerous for your home lan. Be sure to protect yourself.

    Creating an OpenBSD based firewall and router
    Guest editor Elijah from digitalrage.org brings us a great HOWTO about creating an OpenBSD 2.9 based firewall and router for your home network!

    Games through a firewall or router
    List of ports needed to enable many games to run through a router or firewall

    Run Internet servers from behind a firewall
    List of ports needed for enabling port forwarding / virtual server functions on your router or firewall
    Fix IPC$ Login Errors
    Win 98/95/ME to Windows 2000 login problems explained. Fix IPC$ Errors.

    Networking Diagrams
    A collection of networking and connection sharing network diagrams to help you visualize your new network.

    Firewall Testing Resources
    List of good reviews and testing facilities for personal firewall security on the Internet.
    Speeding up your Cable modem with Connection Teaming
    Advanced article explaining how I used MidPoint software to get 1.3Mbps sustained bandwidth from a cable modem.

    Home Networking Tutorial
    Step by step instructions for setting up a Windows home network.

    Connection Sharing : Hub with multiple IP address'
    Network diagram of connection sharing with a hub/switch and multiple IP address'

    Connection sharing flow charts
    Use these flowcharts to help you decide how to share your internet connection.

    Microsoft ICS alternatives
    Alternatives to Microsoft ICS - software based Internet Connection Sharing for Microsoft Windows

    Connection Sharing with your Mac
    Using your Macintosh computer to share your internet connection on your Home network

    Linux internet connection sharing
    Turn an old 486 into a broadband router with a micro-distribution of linux.

    Sharing your AOL internet connection?
    Many people would like to share their AOL internet connection, but AOL does not allow it (yet?). Here is an alternate plan.

    IRQ sharing With your NIC
    NIC's do not like to share IRQ's. This article explains how to check if your NIC is sharing and IRQ and how to fix it!

    ICS Zone On-line
    A new 'ICS Zone' has come on-line as part of our How-To area. This area will keep being added to so keep checking back. Win98SE-WinXP! Loads of screen captures.

    Free Firewalls for Download
    List of free personal firewalls available on the internet Read the Article

    BroadBand Router Installation Guide
    This is a fantastic article at the LinkSys site showing how to install their EtherFast Cable/DSL Router.
    Choosing a network type for your Home
    This easy guide will help you decide if a wired network or wireless network is right for your home or home office. Covers Ethernet, HomePNA, HomeRF and 802.11b.

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    Yeah sure to check this site out.

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    Awsome little site!
    Cheers dood!
    Drugs have taught an entire generation of kids the metric system.


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    I have also found http://techtutorials.com/ to be a great place for tuts.

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    Cool sites guys

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    thanks for sharing the good sites you found guys...

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    Has alot of tutorials there

    Downside - The site has illegal downloads and some of the tuts are for illegal purposes.

    No ads though

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