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Thread: FlashMX help with dynamic text

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    FlashMX help with dynamic text

    I just uploaded my website (www.mudpeople.cjb.net) I used dynamic txt however it overlapsesthe textfield... how do i resolve this? pls try to view the website so that you'll get the picture of what I am trying to say
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    heh viewed site and still have no idea what u mean?
    can you eleborate - what page is it on? what area of the flash movie - is it in the top right corner? bottom left?? etc
    need more information - what information are you loading into the dynamic textfield. Is it getting this info from an array or external file? if it is just displaying predefined text why not use a static textfield? etc etc

    without more information sorry can't help


    btw :: if you mean why is the spinning line in top right corner of main page overlapping the text shown in the profile area - simple answer is it is not
    it just appears it is - but what is really happening is that the rotation of the line pauses along the top edge of the word myself before carrying on giving the appearance of it flickering - which is quite distracting
    to resolve it just extend/shorten the rotating line animation so no longer pauses at that point
    oh and another tip when creating buttons in Flash always make sure that you place a solid shape over the top of any text u wish to use as a button - just draw a square on layer above text in button timeline and then make square a symbol so you can set alpha at 0% making it invisible....the reason for this is that flash will only detect mouse events on buttons when mouse is over a filled area so if it is just text then when you move mouse onto one of the areas between letters will not register button

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    Hi Pixel,

    are you getting squeezed by host adverts or something?............maybe you have to allow some space for them? (top, bottom, sides?)

    I went to your site, and it really interested my pop-up stopper and cookie manager???

    I guess that there are a lot of adverts there, so the space you see is not what you actually get?

    Just a thought?

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    Sorry for the inconvinience, I'm still in the process
    of gathering information about myself...Ok, Here is my problem, the text are not aligned...
    Is the text that is overlapping?

    You have to make the text box deeper in height sometimes to format it on the screen with dynamic text.

    Or try making the box longer length ways and deeper, test movie and see what happens….repeat until it fits...or make it a fair bit bigger and align left.

    I have had the same problem in the past.

    p.s I see the banner is creeping in a little bit...to remove that completely experiment with a
    Div layer top=-2 ect ect in dreamweaver if you have it...or if not I can find the exact code

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