Hello again.

First off, to all those in Isabel's path: Best wishes and stay safe!

I'm back to update you on AO's latest mentions on EIT and related security features and news items. Here you go:

The first one was quite controversial when it was first posted. Still, there is much good info to be gleaned....

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Wardriving - September 18, 2003
That suspicious sedan parked outside your office... A spy? The feds? A wardriver! Administrators would do well to learn the tricks of the trade before their networks become 'drive-thru' access points.

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Adrian Lamo - September 11, 2003
The media buzz surrounding the 'homeless hacker' is beginning to take on Mitnick-esque proportions. What do sysadmins think of Adrian Lamo and his run-in with the New York Times?


Stopping Spam at the Gateway
Bandwidth-sapping spam is more than an annoyance; it's increasingly becoming a drain on the bottom line. Fortunately, administrators can fight back with technology that yields cleaner inboxes and fewer mail server meltdowns.

Staying out of the Dark
A month ago, a sizable portion of the U.S. and Canada fell into darkness. Ill-prepared sysadmins watched in horror as monitors blinked off and systems came to an abrupt halt. Ready your business for the next disaster (natural or otherwise) with these handy tips.


Real-Time Dashboard Added to neuSecure - September 16, 2003
Neoteris Extends Secure Access to Wireless Devices - September 15, 2003
Trojan Tries to Provide Unauthorized Computer Access - September 12, 2003