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    Lightbulb Evidence Eliminator

    I guess we all have stuff out there that we wouldnt want LEO to know about.

    Ive heard of this prog but I think its another one of those cookie, temp, and delete prog's.

    Have u heard of it?
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    Yes, but it is nothing a little eraser or PGP will not fix. Also, it would not hurt to invest in a good firewall (like tiny or smoothwall), AV and anti-Trojan.

    Evidence Eliminator uses a very agressive ad campaign based on the fears of n00bs and makes it's money that way. I remember this lady saying "If I do not buy this software, I will be tracked!!" Nothing can be further from the truth unless you are hiding top secret documets and transmitting them to China, have a murder confession or child pr0n.

    Hope this helps

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    I'm extremely fond of Window Washer, although it's not free, it does a very NICE job:


    Browser Cleaning
    mail trash
    drop-down address bar
    auto-complete forms
    downloaded program files
    and more

    PC Cleaning
    recycle bin
    registry streams
    Windows run and find history
    scan disk files
    recently viewed pictures
    locked index.dat files
    recently opened documents list
    Windows temp files folder
    and more

    I like the fact that you can download custom plugins to deal wtih mIRC downloads, yahoo downloads...etc. It's really very nice and convienient.

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    They are all pretty good programs but I cant see why people pay for a program to do things, that they can do themselves. Obviously it will take a bit longer but it wont cost anything!
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    iiSystem Wiper is free and should do the trick for a home user, the only real reason you would need it is for that pr0n sites I know you visit, ye dirty fecker!


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    I don't care to pay for them myself, but I'm lazy...and businesses feed off the lazy, stupid consumers. So think of it as my contribution to the economy...or something.

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