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Thread: How can we open the CDA file extension in computer?

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    How can we open the CDA file extension in computer?

    Hey peps,
    I have a little trouble with my newly bought video cd, the contents file has an extension of .cda my player can't view or play with it. what shall I do? Do i need to download a software to view a file with an extension of .cda? what software available in the market today that capable of playing the cda extension file? Any suggestions guys are very welcome. Thanks
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    you cant play a CDA file,
    a CDA file is merely a file manager placeholder for an audio track.
    It has to be conveted To a different format like Wav or Mp3 (thats if you want to play it form your harddrive)

    Not sure how your getting a CDA file from a video cd tho,

    Would of thought WMP9 would of played the auido/video cd

    Is it just a Music Video Cd and Audio?

    Did u copying the files to you harddrive?
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