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Thread: Messenger protection

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    Question Messenger protection

    How do i prevent a malicious individual from kicking people out of msn chat rooms. i am new at this but i know a little about computers and i do know about thew vulneribilities on yahoo. and irc commands to mess with people but not on messenger. any suggestions would be great. thanks


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    You cant stop people kicking you from msn chat rooms.
    Same as u cant stop a IRC Channel Op kicking you from an IRC Channel,
    Kinda Confused on your question tho. you said msn chat rooms then said messager ???
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    You cant, there will always be SKs out there who enjoy doing that crap. And 1 out of every 10,000 SK can program so new programs called "progz" (I think) come out often to take advantage of the booting abilities and what not. Its not that big of a worry security wise if you get booted from a chat. So I wouldnt worry about it much.

    P.S- Irc commands work only for IRC itself, or as far as I know
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    Re: Messenger protection

    Originally posted here by linbegone
    How do i prevent a malicious individual from kicking people out of msn chat rooms.
    Get some better MSN buddies. Get a firewall to drop & audit the syn, icmp, or whatever he is useing to flood, then report him &/or all of his dDoS zombies to a few ISPs. Or blame microsoft for makeing it so easy to lag everything up to the point of potential DoS by looping all of the signin, signout, & send API in MSN messenger.

    So if its really on "MSN messenger" & this guy is really that annoying to ya then why don't you just block this guy, take him off your list, then you both can just forget about one another 'eh?!

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    Hi, not a fan of IM but for those who are, please check out:


    They have free for private use defensive software for IM systems

    Hope this is of interest to someone?


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    I would recommend IMSECURE PRO by zonelabs. To read about it and/or download it go to

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    messenger advice

    all the advice is definatley worth looking into. im sorry that i didnt elaborate enough but i didnt get enough information from my friend whom im helping. as i understood what she told me she was just using the normal msn chattrooms and the jackass was randomly messing w people.
    i agree w just going to a different room and avoiding the a** but i think that she is fond of the room because she has a lot of contacts there and didnt want to loose the ability chat w her friends.
    i really appreciate all the response that i have recieved and im definatley going to check out the programs that you all recommended.

    thanks for the help.

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