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Thread: What service did blaster worm attack?

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    What service did blaster worm attack?

    I was just wondering about the nasty new worms.

    I think it attacked DCOM that is some kind of net ole, that is some kind of service to make programs able to use services on other pc, like the service was running on the local pc.?

    But what I would like to know what that means in the practical world?

    Is it possible to not run DCOM? Does a normal workstation really need DCOM?

    Does a standalone home pc need it?
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    You can patch the DCOM vulnerability with the endless amount of M$ patches that are on their download site. If you want to learn more about the Blaster worm check this link out.

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    Please got to http://grc.com

    and have a look around

    I do not think that you need DCOM in most cases, for a home PC?

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    Microsoft's distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) extends the Component Object Model (COM) to support communication among objects on different computers--whether on a local area network (LAN), a wide area network (WAN), or even the Internet. With DCOM, your application can be distributed in the locations that make the most sense for your customer and for the application.
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