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Thread: help me for telnet, i can't

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    help me for telnet, i can't

    i connected to smtp mail server on port 25, and mail server use sendmail ver 8.9.3
    i type:
    helo domain.com
    mail from: kevin@vnnow.org
    rcpt to: kevin85u@yahoo.com ====>display messenges "....Relaying denied", why. help me

    thank a lot

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    It's not telnet that's stopping it but sendmail. The SMTP server is disallowing SMTP relaying from sources other than it's own.
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    A quick google search would reveal the reasoning for your error message.

    This error is caused for one of two reasons:
    1) You are attempting to send email to a domain that is not recognized by this server
    2) You are attempting to relay email through this server, and have not authenticated
    The reason in bold is the most likely reason for this error. If you read further down on the page you will see the SMTP AUTH command. I would suggest making use of this before attempting to send email, or else check your POP3 mail before accessing the server.

    Why do you need to access the server directly? Use your e-mail client.

    BTW if this is a mail server you don't have permission to use, then you will never be able to authenticate and never be able to send the mail.
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    MS. M: Not to be picky but the server is refusing a connection that is not to it's own or an associated domain.... OR..... He is not connecting from and address that is considered local per the way the admin set it up.....<s>

    Kevin: Who's mailserver is it? It doesn't look like you are authorized to send mail through it. Thus, you are trying to "hijack" the server for your own purposes which would be considered illegal.... If that is the case you probably won't get much assistance here.....<s> If, on the other hand you may just be experimenting. In which case set up a mailserver on your own machine and carry on..... You had it dead right up to the point you were denied......
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