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Thread: Company bans email

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    Company bans email

    John Caudwell, the multi-millionaire owner of high street retailer Phones 4u, has banned staff from using e-mail, he has said.

    The tycoon -- who does not use e-mail -- told more than 2,500 employees Friday they would have to swap cyberspace for face-to-face.

    He estimates the ban will save staff three hours a day and his company at least 1 million a month in saved time.

    I dunno. I would think it would increase costs in some ways and things would get noisier with phone calls and meetings taking place.
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    yeah, email was a huge boom to office automation/process flow, IMO.

    Honestly, I was under the impression that eMail was a cheaper alternative to other forms of communication.
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    Email was, and is, a good system of communication. Personally, i think a better measure would be to have the server delete any messages matching 'fw:*', '*happy*', '*fun*', '*humor*', '*sex*', '*joy*', '*love*' and '*free-speech*'. But then again i also believe facism to be an effective system of governing a country :P

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    E-mail is the life blood of my work place. When e-mail is down everything goes on hold and everbody has know idea what to do. I wonder sometimes how we got any thing done 10 years ago when we only had two computer to share with 40 people.

    oh yes I rember we talked to each other what a novel thing that seems now....not that I would go back...you could not pay me enough to speak to my boss.
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    I wonder how long it will take before he realises the three hours he has saved on email is used up with the six hours of the staff talking crap on the phone.

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    I felt like inserting the link to the Etch-a-Sketch FAQ.. but thought that is what John Caudwel is using anyway.. My thought e has thrown the baby out with the wash water..

    Oh and he may be related but he is not Imbe Cile, Imbe lives three doors down .. with his Parents Doma and Doe..

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    I think more companies should do it. Actually, what they should do is make an address book of who someone is allowed to email, and not allow people to receive email or send it if it isn't in that list. At my last workplace, the average person didn't start working for an hour because they were using email, and 99% of that was for personal use. Then it was another 30 to 40 minutes after lunch. Not to mention every time the little flag poped up saying they had new mail. We did need it because of the type of business, but there really needs to be more constrants on the way employees use it. Even if its something as simple as telling the employees that every message they send costs $1 if it is not a message for business, and every one they receive costs 50 cents if it is someone that they sent a message too before.
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