1. The new logo is ugly. I'm sorry, but it is. This is what happens when you put straight people in charge of site design.

2. Having "security news" and "security products" at the top of every webpage is stupid, and redundant. Although, I guess someone has to fill the void created by the 1,000 square mile banner box at the top.....

2. The AntiPoints system algos. need serious updating. The thresholds have long outlived their usefulness.

3. Having "live moderators" as well as the AntiPoints system causes conflict that needs addressed.

4. The search function needs to be re-written to use mysql's built in functions. This would enable to you to eliminate the search indexing that takes place each time a new thread is created, and would SIGNIFICANTLY increase not only the speed of searches, but of new thread creation as well.

5. Dozens of templates aren't cached as they should be, cuz I didn't fully understand vbulletin's built in caching system when I was last working on it. This is causing thousands of unnecessary DB queries / hour I would suspect. Ooops, mah fault.

6. The back-end vbulletin code needs updated, because there are dozens of cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that have been discovered, that effect the site. In short, it would be very easy to start gathering the passwords of administrators and/or moderators.

7. In case no one noticed, the security news groups aren't updating from usenet anymore, and haven't been. Perhaps they should be fixed so they're actually updating, or else removed entirely if no one is able to get the updating feature working again.

8. The "Oops A Bug" forum is now filled with literally hundreds of bugs that have never been fixed. These bugs effect not only functionality, but security. If this forum is ignored for much longer, the site is going to end up getting hacked by someone, and the database is going to face wrath. AntiOnline is not the type of site that can be neglected for long periods of time before something bad happens......

I have been hoping that Jupiter Media has been ignoring the site because maybe it was doing something cool, like making a new version of it in the works behind the scenes, and were just using this until it was complete. Doesn't look like there's a secret new version in the works, though.

It's beginning to look more and more like they're simply trying to let the site "run itself as is". A recipe for disaster......


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