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Thread: v small printing on canon

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    v small printing on canon

    i am running redhat 9 pluged into a canon s820 printer via parallel port

    when it prints it only uses a quater of the page, ie what i what to print is very small in one corner

    i have tried to change the resolution, no change, i have changed the font to massive but it only prints in the same quater of the page, i have changed the page size from A1 to postage stamp and it still does the same

    what can i do to get normal printing

    i do not want to have to put my HP back in as there in no ink left in it!!
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    Apparently, the S820 isn't supported under linux. But you might want to check http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_pr...num=Canon-S800 and see if the instructions for the S800 might work with the S820. Worth a shot anyways.
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