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    what did/do U learn in school(comp-studies)?

    I wa wondering what do u(ppl of the world) learn in school for computer studies.

    1st an explantion of how(SOUTH AFRICA) our school system works, 'cause i dont know whether u'r conuntry works the same.

    Here we have 2 standard subject(english and afrikaans) and get to choose4 other subjects between 6 other subjects(business economics, mathematics, accounting, technical drawing, science and hotel-restoration(or some ****)) some schools have +- 2 more subjects(economics and bible studies).
    We can choose wether we want to take a subject higher grade(HG) or stadard grade(SG).

    I am gr.11 (st.9) doing home-schooling(REASON: UNDEFINED) and I have computer studies(HG).

    In comp - studies , the SG-students learn MS-OFFICE(the monopoly ;( ) and
    the HG-students learn PASCAL.

    I personnally have done PASCAL,C++,PERL,HTML,JAVASCRIPTING and was wondering
    what u learn in computer-studies, and how advanced is that??

    I hated school (too MANY SILLY/STUPID rulez), what about u guyz??

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    I'm in college, but I'm majoring in Computer Informations Systems. Basically for that degree You have to take 3 math classes 2-4 english classess, 2 history classess 4-5 science classes then about 20-30 computer classess the throw in anothr 5 classess for stuff that I left out accidentally. The computer classess consist of the *nix operating System. Telecommunications, C++, Java/programming. Network Operatings systems i.e novell, windows server. sun solaris. and a couple other classess like pc repair and what not.

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