Well then...I guess this is some form of introduction.

My name's Kieran, I'm seventeen years old from a city called Brisbane, in Australia (you know, the great southern land. or so i'm informed). I had a grade 10 high school education, although I like to consider myself smarter than the ****-wits who did grade 12. I'm now at TAFE (Government funded College, seems to be one of our largest education orginiazation type things) doing a Diploma of IT (systems administration) and CCNA. We started our diplomas major module a few weeks ago, Build an Intranet Infrastructure - well, I must say... 'tis boring as Windows 95B I can't do what I like and am limited to one server, and the requirments is that the server runs Windows 2000 Server - I'm thinking it's because my lecturer really has no idea of UNIX, UNIX-Like, and Linux operating systems. Meh, I'm fairly sure he's a script kiddie anyhows. wait wait.. I *know* he's a script kiddie. Our TAFE system works somewhat different to University/College education. It's more personal, i.e. we go there, we sit, we chat, we have fun, we get our work done. None of this listen to an hour long lecture, go home and then do work sorta thing.

My primary OS ... really depends on the day of the week... but generally, Slackware or Windows 2000.

I'm much of a Network guy, programming guy etc.
Cisco, Windows 2000 server (AD, DNS, IIS etc), SQL Server, Apache, MySQL and stuff.
ASP ASP.NET ( I much prefer C# syntax over VB ), PHP, C#, kinda learning C++. HTML, JS, DHMTL.
I'm hardly a hardware guy.. I understand it all, but the only parts of hardware that really interest me, is for servers. CPU, RAM, SCSI controllers really are my only concern when it comes to hardware. (Always buys AMD... cheaper and does the same job :P )

I *really* need to get much deeper into network security, I'm generally fine with it - but more along the lines of "if I were tryign to break in" ... so obviously, I'm doing alot of reading in reguards to network security - and I tell ya, it's much more indepth than I had thought. But that's why i'm here. Reading articles on security etc.

Note: am *not* the "oh, but I wanna learn how to HACK" type people.

Well, That's me.