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    Originally posted here by Showtime8000
    My next project will be installing NVIDIA's driver, then configuring my wireless internet. If anyone has any good tuts on how to do any of these, I will gladly accept!
    The nvidia driver is very easy - See this http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_d..._1.0-4496.html

    Dead easy.

    I've not been able to get wireless workin, but I have been using PCMCIA cards on a laptop.

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    For future reference using GRUB to boot different runlevels you would select the boot label then hit e for edit, and at the prompt type the runlevel you wish you use 1-5. Then once you are back to the GRUB screen hit b to boot.


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    Wireless on linux can either e really easy, or a real big pain.

    All my experiences have also been with PCMCIA cards, the chipset is they key. I had 2 linksys WPC11 cards, look the same, act the same, except one (ver3) was using the prism2 chipset, and the newer (ver4) cards now use a Realtek chipset that I can't seem to get working in any flavor of unix.

    Regardless, start a new thread when you try to get that wireless working. I'll add whatever help I can.

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