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    I knew I wasn't dreaming when I saw a newbie with over 200 posts and legions of leprechauns trying to steal his antipoints. Thanks for clearing that up reset_button.

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    Hi guys,

    Just a pair of dumb remarks:

    1. If you are going to run your machine for extended periods, please consider a hard drive cooling kit. This is usually 2 or 3 fans at the front that blow air over the top of it.

    2. Condider the cost of running it while you are not using it...electricity?

    3. Consider the fire risk?....if the fan fails in the middle of the night........you and the kids upstairs in bed???

    Told you that I was dumb...........said a pair and came up with three

    Take care folks
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    Apart from fans, the other thing to consider is how much space you have inside your case.

    My PC at home (P4 2.66 Ghz, 2 HDD, DVD ROM, CD burner, NVIDIA graphics card, and Creative sound card) doesn't have any additional cooling, other than the bog standard PSU fan (the one at the back). On the other hand it is a large tower case, so there is lots of empty space.

    It runs 24/7 with WinXP pro, except for the occasional reboot for critical updates/new hardware etc. During the hot whether we had in the UK recently some components got warm, but well within thermal limits e.g. the CPU temp got up to 55C, which is hotter than usual.

    To cut the cost of electricity, look at the options of putting it into standby via the 'power options'. You do have to have a motherboard that will co-operate though! Works fine on my PC, and I also spin down the HDDs if there has been no activity for 2 hours. Rather like putting your TV into standby mode.

    Fire risk is not at all significant, as most systems will shut down if they overheat, or just stop working completely. Another point is that in most of the companies I have worked at over the last 20 years, the PC's, workstations etc. used by the end users have always been left powered on 24/7. It can happen, but in all that time I have never heard of a report of a PC catching fire

    The logic behind leaving your PC powered on all the time is that the most likely time you will blow your hardware is when you switch it on. This gives one hell of a shock to a lot of the components in your PC, as they get themselves up to speed. I have seen this happen umpteen times.
    The classic analogy here is when does a light bulb fail? Usually when you switch it back on, as the filament can't cope with the power surge.

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    from uptime command

    23:35:39 up 5 days, 22:34, 3 users, load average: 0.46, 0.18, 0.14

    from fresh installation, and still going strong.

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    yup.. my record is 155 days...

    then the powersuply of that poor old 486 just gave up..

    You know too high an uptime is also asking for trouble.. Technology goes so fast.. there's an update a day and not all updates can be performed without breaking your precious uptime..

    at the moment tp2.be 26-09-2003 14:23:06 up 23 days, 1 min
    our secret: a good old box and a nice ups..
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    yeah new coolers do it's work! nice and cold.. about week of uptime and no problems with my 98se. lets wait a month and i will tell how it is working
    for som\' **** from lithuania

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    I had my comp up 15 days and my dad was fooling around with the circuit breakers and killed my power.
    now I'm back at zero oh well.

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    We run several Linux boxes with SuSe 8 and Red Hat 8 & 9......We have MTBF of months 9+ without ever having to reboot! This is the beauty of a Unix based system high uptime! Leave it on and watch the reliability. A breath of fresh air over the other guys!

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    I have 3 weeks, 4 days and 24 minutes uptime on my XP pro box. Its still as reliable as linux for me.

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    The machine i use for a router and firewall is running windows NT4 and it gets left on 24/7, in the last 3 months its only been rebooted a couple of times for updates and i`ve never had no problems with it. It just show that not all Windows boxes are unreliable, i personally think it comes down to the hardware and what its used for more than anything.
    I don`t leave any of my workstations on for more than a few days at a time because i tend to find they get a bit clogged up with diffrent applications being opened up and closed all the time, sometimes you can notice a quite a diffrence after a reboot.

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