How about all the senior members get off the newbies asses when they post. I recently posted a joke I heard on TV in the jokes sectionand i searched for words from the joke to see if it had been posted but i didnt see anything CAUSE IM NEW AT THIS SITE and dont know to well about the search feature, some of the reply were nice saying yes it had been posted before and im sorry for postin it twice, but then i get negged to death i get called imbread and stupid and yelled at by the original poster. Come on now you High and Mighty Security gods give the newbies a chance to make a few mistakes before you neg em to death and say theyre just postin to get their posts up. I Dont give a damn how many posts i have im here to learn. So just suggesting to the senior members before you blow youre top on a newbie for accidently double posting something just tell them to take it down.