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    I got a weired trojan, help plz...

    O.K. Heres my story, i did a portscan on myself(more out of boredom than looking for anything) and i found port 3700 open. After some research I discovered that this is aport used by some trojan called "Portal of Doom". And i have Norton Internet Security 2003 and i scanned my computer and it didn't catch anything(yes, i have all the updates). SO i guess if you guys could direct me to something that removes this or tell me how to manually remove it I would be greatful.

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    I hardly think its portal of doom... for one thing its waaaay to old. Anyways I suggest get some trojan/ad/spyware removal to help sort of tag team with your AV & checking out what programs are running in your startup before actually worrying about stuff.

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    I agree, its too old to be on your comp. Check again that you have all updates and do a scan. It could just be some program you installed. You may even want to do an online scan.
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    Running any Adobe products? Photoshop, PageMaker etc?
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    This is a old one and unless your running 95/98/NT it shouldn't be supported, here's a site with a little info on it and some free trial software for cleaning it and some other stuff.


    and a few more info sites on it.



    Hope this helps.

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    I agree with Palemoon..
    or to elaborate.. You may find that a legitamate programm you are using just happens to use that port..
    There is a site and I think a tool that will help you associate the used Port with an application.. I cant find the info here at this time.. sry,, anyone else with better info..

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    Not sure if these were the programs undertaker was talking about,
    worth a look,


    Nmap will (if asked) interrogate that TCP or UDP port to determine what service is really listening. In many cases it can determine the application name and version number as well.


    also fport


    Fport is a free tool that will show you what programs on your system are opening which ports (both TCP and UDP). You can look at the output and see if you notice any strange programs that don't belong on the machine.

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