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Thread: i need to hack into my friends computer in order to change the password he forgot

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    i need to hack into my friends computer in order to change the password he forgot

    yes, i need to learn how to hack into a friends computer, because he forgot a certain password which he needs in order to get inside his own system. Please teach me how.

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    OS type?? I'm going to assume that you do indeed have physical access and that this is with permission of your friend. And if it's not, well then you are legal responsible, yatta, yatta.
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    /me wonderz how long this guy will last.... Every time anybody posts something that has anything to do with hacking on this site they get negged out of existence so fast....I think it sucks. People's interest in hacking is what starts people on the path to learning about network security, and then when they get to be more mature they become experts and have a lot to offer, but they get kicked off the site before they even have a chance, so I think it's dumb to neg people for admitting that they have an interest in hacking.... Main point: Please don't neg this guy.

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    if it's windows, pop in the recovery cd, that ought to do it, if not, be a little more specific?
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    There is a sticky post in the tutorial forum made by Negative which is named "Read Me First". It has a lot of insormation on how to ask smart questions etc.. You might want to take a look at that, it contains valuable information on a lot of thing regarding this site and can be found <--there.
    There is a section in there written by Und3ertak3r called "Help us when you have a problem" .
    You have given us very little to work with and the title is not that appealing either.
    But anyway:

    For as far as recovering a lost password.
    If you are on a windows machine and have physical access to the machine you could take a look at:
    Trinity Rescue Kit ( ) , it has a password resetting script for rescueing windows.
    If you are talking about a linux system you may want to consider booting into single user mode to reset your friends password.


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    if you are trying to be funny like V_ln then i think you are failing misrubbly..


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