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    Another Blonde Joke

    Hope this hasn't already been posted.

    Two blondes are building a house
    The slab goes down with out a problem
    The framing goes up with out a hitch
    Electrical, plumbing, heating, AC, insulation all professionally done.
    The two blondes are putting up the dry wall.
    One is attaching the dry wall the other is plastering.
    The blonde that's plastering notices the other blonde is throwing away about every other screw.
    The one blonde inquires as to why the other blonde is throwing away so many screws. To which the other blonde replies, "alot of these screws are have the head on the wrong side".
    The other blonde replies in a matter of fact tone, "you idiot, don't throw them away we can use them on the outside".

    Mabey it was funnier in the bar I heard it at.

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    yah i think it may of been funnier when you were pissed...


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    Well it wasn't that bad...
    But seing as this is a relaxed environment.
    I will say nice joke, and hopefully your next one's are a lil better....


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