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Thread: Secure Trusted M$?

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    Secure Trusted M$?

    Just had to do a bit of time travel today. Had a client that brought the system by. Funny thing when I went to M$ so called professional download site and had beenm a major had enough so I'm gonna say. Not everyone dah M$ has your latest release and they also lack one major thing on their daily patch site and it a consistant posting of a date sometimes there other times well NOT. Now I myself and I'm old refuse to charge time for downloading their patches I never set myself up for another visit. So in buring a CD of a legecy first addition of Win 98 I found no less then 2/3 of the patches including a updated EULA no doubt to cover M$ ass. So since I am honest do my clients acceot the new EULA's or forgo them and sue M$ for what the did not cover in the original EULA? I'm no attorney by I'd say EULA's as thewy are now such what toi patch a system you first have to agree that M$ is not at fault and then trust them the patch really is that an Example the lates IE patch was a but so a new EULA to fix it wil say it's our fault as IT professionals and not them? Say I remember old snake oil stuff and carnival scams. Maybe as an IT professional I should just say this is what ya got don;t put a patch and have your attorney ask M$ about the EULA to correct their errors? Points to ponder but I'm a man of ethics who listens to such things nnow days? Why I'm still working crap..dot com happened for a reason me am to tired to but point out things leave the battle to all you young people...then again...why bother with ethics...me I'llk keep mine is a good comfort zone
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    Palemoon, your signature is easy to read, unlike your question/comment/opinion/statement
    ????????? Please explain.

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    I think hes talking about microsofts new eula's that you aggree to when downloading any of their patches in comparison to the old eula they had for some of the same older patches. If you read what you are aggreing to, it basicallty says that you, or some one else, not M$, is responsible for needing to patch your system, and it's not their fault that their OS has holes/problems. I may have misread, but this is my interpritation.
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